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I Love Judge Mathis!


Jeremy Young on Judge Mathis

Why Am I Treated so Bad?


I Used To Smoke DJARUM

I love still today, DJARUM


Night on Earth - Rome (Roberto Benigni) With subtitles in English

This movie is way too funny!!!!!!!!!!!




Smooth Sound


I love this music!
I grew up listening this stuff! 


The Way I Feel

This s the only Album I know of Remy Shand, it's called "The Way I Feel" This song is the first one of the album. I happen to be in Italy about 10 years ago when I first discovered this young, very talented singer and  at the hotel where I was staying, they were playing this song. I can never forget the beautiful atmosphere around those evenings...Please, if you know of more albums from Remy Shand, let me know!
I'm really trying to collect then all. And if you have any news of what happened to him also please, let me know.
I appreciate it!


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